The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

“When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it”
The whole fable circumnavigate in the vicinity of the above adduce.”The Alchemist” is an audacious and cogitative story (written as fable) of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy,who like all of us, is in search for his destiny. Unaware of all the contingencies he takes the risk and travel in search of a treasure from his home in Spain to the alien markets of Tangiers and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fortunate encounter with the alchemist awaits him. Paulo Coelho has embellished the story with many provoking thoughts through minuscule incidents which Santiago encounters in his struggle. The book also lay emphasis on many variables such as positive invisible forces, wisdom of listening to our heart, dreams as languages of God, nocturnal cold, elixir of life, central role of every individual in history of earth, beauty as the greatest seducer of men etc.

Published in 67 different languages, highly extolled by the critics, the book was originally written in Portuguese in the year 1988 and has now sold 65 million copies!!! The alchemist has made it to the bestsellers list in 74 countries and thereby has attained the status of modern classic. What else you want? A book with such a brilliant record. I strongly recommend this book specially for people seeking their path in life. I completed the book in 3 days time, a cinch book, about 160 pages, with very less difficult words. The most notable feature of the book despite of OK type vocabulary was that it is highly inspirational and increases the motivation level from nadir to zenith, of the reader. Some sentences in the book will compel you to think how to go beyond the rock walls of perceptions, prejudice and conditioning to achieve splendid success and your true heart’s desire.

About Harshit Chauhan

I am a person, a dreamer who fly on the wings of dreams but don’t know how to achieve them. I am one of those who can do arduous tasks but at time fail to do the simplest of them. I envisage, concentrating on one particular thing as the dirty end of the stick and sometimes multitude say that i’m a patient of mood disorder . The whole enchilada, from soda to hock humanity say and ruminate that I’m perpetually in a scurry to effectuate something and I too consider them impeccable, for I want to attain stability in my metabolism, which presently is going through nadir, at the lowest ebb. Friends and other acquaintances eulogize me for my zany humor. I’m a avid reader and writer and presently I’m delving into blogging zeal ie. on My other chief passions apart from the above are travelling, eating, ruminating, listening to quality music, watching birds and clouds and being solitude. In short, I want to triumph my divine, limpid and creme de la creme intentions which I’m ensuing from past many gargantuan years and have made big sacrifices too. I pray, to take the Chequered flag and my relinquishments don’t go squander so that after so many damp squibs, I can witness my rest of life in its full glory.

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  1. …..when the issues of reaching out to others, it is tested & proved 100% true…but never for self, just the opposite happens..ha..ha…that just goes to say “Sanyas” is best option…

  2. sanyas is indeed a good option left 😉

  3. I don’t know why, but this book never intrested me, when raves started to come I bought it and read it. I didn’t like it.

  4. First of all, Thankx for visiting, FakeBruceWayne. Your “liking” and “not liking” depends on how you perceive that particular thing. A famous person(can’t recall his name now) said: “nothing is good and nothing is bad, all depends on how you perceive it”

    hope you did not mind this…..
    God Bless,

  5. Couldn’t care less.
    Just wanted a favour if you could visit my blog and notify me whether my theme will intrest the masses or not?? If i should change the content then what is wrong with it?. Take your time.
    Here it is.

  6. Thankx for writing.
    i would like to tell you that i visited your blog yesterday, and the dark black shade of your blog theme becomes a problem for a reader..though there in no problem with the content and i must tell u, you have written superbly… f
    i hope you’ll value my feedback and do what is required..
    and in future.. if i can be of any help to you..then don’t hesitate to be in contact with me.
    God Bless,

    Harshit Chauhan

  7. Well, I thought Vertigo theme would be brilliant. Lack of experience. Actually I wanted to know should I carry on writing with this content, or not. Is it a convincing idea for people to follow or not.? Thanks anyways.

  8. there are various themes and wordpress provides many options as far as themes are concerned…and the content is ok….but you should expand it….
    following people is certainly a good idea..and there is no harm in that moreover you remain updated…

    Harshit Chauhan

  9. Yes, this book is an excellent read…Simple in prose, but strong in its messages.

  10. Indeed a very fab piece by Paulo Coelho…:)

  11. I’m a Paolo Coelho fan, have read many books, my favorite is ” Like the Flowing River”. Some books I didn’t like.

  12. it is really good to hear from you….:) Welcome to my blog….”like a flowing river”….what is the book all about?
    I have read two books written by Paulo Coelho ie, The Alchemist and eleven Minutes…booth were good…and if you give a little brief summary about the story of “like a flowing river” ..i’ll try it…
    take care

    Harshit Chauhan

  13. Hi, This book is a collection of his short stories, each one has different flavor and message, tales of life, death, love,destiny etc. Humorous and but serious. I also liked his “Pilgrimage” and ” The Valkyries”. I found ‘ Brian Tracy’s Maximum achievement ‘ very good. Have a nice day.

  14. Thank you for sharing the information…I was thinking to read “The Valkyries”…and will do so…
    thank you once again..
    Take Care.

    Harshit Chauhan

  15. read it 5 times so far and every time had a different interpretation of the text, it somehow molds on each and every person according to their mood at the time of reading. I have read all Coelho books but this one is by far the masterpiece in my opinion. Interesting to find out other people’s opinions on this. 🙂

  16. liked your comment…and i beg a favour from you…
    Out of “The Valkiers” and “The Pilgrimge” which one should I opt for reading.
    Take Care

    Harshit Chauhan

  17. the valkiers definitely 🙂

  18. thank you for your suggestion 🙂
    take care,

    Harshit Chauhan

  19. Since we all have different perceptions from different beginnings, along different paths, there is much truth to what Jesus said on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He also said, “judge not lest ye be judged in the manner in which you judge others.”

    But there are some really really bad things, no matter how they are looked at. Ayn Rand may have said something relativistic like what you quoted – “nothing is good and nothing is bad, all depends on how you perceive it.”

    To think of an absolute bad that would be bad for anyone from any perspective, that is a good exercise in thinking… let me get back with you on that.

    God Bless,


  20. First of all thankx for the visit and comment. I do agree with you r above words. We all have different perceptions on various other elements of life and that what makes a creature unique from other creature or person or animal.
    You cal also say or ruminate as “balancing by nature.”
    for eg. some people in the world are vegetarians and slaughter animals for their survival, eat fish etc., while some abstain from non veg. food simply saying, “we don’t prefer killing innocent animals.”, which I do approve but on the same time I think, “if there were no non vegetarians in the world there would be no seas and ocean, as the fishes would have gain more in numbers than the water”.
    What I mean is that, “nothing is bad and nothing is good, all depends upon our perception and ideology”
    hope you comprehend.
    Take care.
    Harshit Chauhan

  21. One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. (But unfortunately the only Coelho’s book that has worked its charm on me.) You might enjoy ‘The Little Prince’–simple yet profound and whimsical. PS: Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  22. The Alchemist is certainly a fantastic book.‘The Little Prince’, I guess Paulo Coelho has NOT authored the same.
    What the book is all about ??

  23. Very Informative 🙂

  24. I love this book…a superb work!!
    and a good review, Harshit Chauhan

  25. The Alchemist by Paulo is very nice author
    he is my favourite author

  26. Glad. But I wish my network could be dat fab so I could deliver your message to the author himself 🙂
    take care,
    Harshit Chauhan

  27. This noval is an ultimate.

  28. fantastic review Mr. Harshit Chauhan

  29. Like you say, this book gives motivation and helps to break down standard perceptions. I read it when I was at a crossroads and it gave me strength to make a decision I was afraid of.

  30. Glad to know 🙂
    Happy it gave you strength.
    Tk care and pursue you desire
    Regards, Harshit Chauhan

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