Day 3: Muttrah Souk, Barr Al Jissah and Carrefour mall

Antecedently the  day 2 was really creme de la creme. Now after visiting places far from the madding crowd it was time to explore populous dimensions of Muscat. We egressed our house and on that day(June 17, 2012), Mausin(wearing anklelength white collarless gown with full hand sleeves), another colleague of pratap mausaji was there at our service and acted as a guide too. We went to Muttrah Souk, the oldest market in Oman and found it on the verge of closing since it was 1300 hours, time(from 1300hrs. to 1600 hours) in Oman where you’ll find most places motionless. A prompt verdict was taken  to proceed to Sultan’s Palace, known as Al Alam Palace via fish market. There was nothing new there in fish market, we saw varieties of different fishes and that’s all that spot was all about. You can surely give it an omission. Al Alam palace was really resplendent was here its time to raise The Indian flag high!! Sultan Qaboos’s palace was zilch in comparison with The President’s residence at Rashtrapati Bhavan (India’s President). We only had a glimpse of the palace and did not pay our homage, another date was decided for visiting Al Alam. Sagacious verdict was promptly taken by scrupulous Urmila mausi. She used her senses to visit that place which was in motion at that time: Barr Al Jissah, again a 5 star hotel. We went in, Ashie, Anshu and Manju mausi preferred to stay back in the lobby area of the hotel as they were not able to beat the heat, and now you can well comprehend the hot in Muscat. Remaining of us went at back side of the spot and clicked pics. We saw the vast sea and some island shaped land there. My Brother, making it the list of  mausi, Ashie and Anshu, started shivering, in fact he topped the list!! Though it was damn hot but he was shivering, don’t know what it was but one thing was limpid  that he was sick and needed medical attention. We came home for our nourishment. Heat affected people took medicines and we slept. In the evening we left Bunty at home with Urmila mausi. Guddu & Tunnu also did not joined us as they were engaged in their regular routine schedule. Mausin was there at are relevance again. He took us to Carrefour Mall and while going through, he acknowledged us about the future airport of Muscat which was in the way. Now before i proceed it would be fab enough to explain you about the currency system of Oman. The Omani Rial is the currency of Oman with OMR being its code. It is divided into 1000 baisa ie, 1 Rial= 1000 Baisa. Various denominations for bank notes are, half Rial, 1Rials, 5Rials, 10 Rials, 20Rials, 50Rials(highest denomination). Coins include, 5 Baisa, 10 Baisa, 25 Baisa, 50 Baisa, 100 Baisa, 1/4 and 1/2 Omani Rials.
We made groups. My father, Anand Mausaji, me and Ashie in one and mother and Manju mausi in another. Ashie  and me were further divided into a sub group. Gargantuan, massive, tremendous, enormous, i guess, these words combined, can explain the size of the Carrefour mall better. It was really BIG. One word would would be insufficient 🙂 We perceived zillions of items of zillion categories. Individually, we brought many utilities. It was time to leave now. I took out my cell phone and it said, “OMAN MOBILE, 8:30 pm. We assembled at the main exit and this time Pratap Mausa and Bunty were there for us. At home, Urmila Mausi was pleased to see the shopping progress. And this was the end of that day.




About Harshit Chauhan

I am a person, a dreamer who fly on the wings of dreams but don’t know how to achieve them. I am one of those who can do arduous tasks but at time fail to do the simplest of them. I envisage, concentrating on one particular thing as the dirty end of the stick and sometimes multitude say that i’m a patient of mood disorder . The whole enchilada, from soda to hock humanity say and ruminate that I’m perpetually in a scurry to effectuate something and I too consider them impeccable, for I want to attain stability in my metabolism, which presently is going through nadir, at the lowest ebb. Friends and other acquaintances eulogize me for my zany humor. I’m a avid reader and writer and presently I’m delving into blogging zeal ie. on My other chief passions apart from the above are travelling, eating, ruminating, listening to quality music, watching birds and clouds and being solitude. In short, I want to triumph my divine, limpid and creme de la creme intentions which I’m ensuing from past many gargantuan years and have made big sacrifices too. I pray, to take the Chequered flag and my relinquishments don’t go squander so that after so many damp squibs, I can witness my rest of life in its full glory.

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  1. Wow sounds like a very busy day!

  2. indeed it was….but there went days in which we all were too occupied than day 3… will be posting soon 🙂
    take care.

    Harshit Chauhan

  3. Usually I do not learn article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very great article.

  4. Absolutely loved your way with words… and not to mention I love Bar al Jissah.. it’s an amazing resort…..

  5. Thankx for your praises.
    And yes, Bar Al Jissah was certainly a fab experience.
    take care.

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