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Day6: In Muscat, Oman

In the evening, we went to explore Lulu mall, just 5 minutes in distance from Bait Muscat. There was nothing unique there but one thing which captured my attention was “The Prayer Room”. Don’t get astonished if you see a door with a name plate,”The Prayer Room” anywhere in Oman. Oman is a Muslim eclipse piece of land in the world and in Holy Quran they are said to offer respect to Allah five times a day and that was a sublime indication to  me. “Highly sophisticated people, never take their religion for granted” was my savoir-faire for the Omanis, my mind comment to me, personally. My phone rang, Urmila mausi asked me if I would like to go for swimming with my cousins. I, without giving it a thought said, “Yes”. Making the payments we egressed the mall. Urmila mausi escorted us and we were there in the pool. All the little ones, including me 🙂 luxuriated the blue pool water. Tunnu got a fortune to show his ingenuity, for he is a splendid swimmer. The foursome, including me, Bunty, Guddu and naturally, Tunnu went deep in the water. Guddu guided me in the improvement of my swimming stance. Ashie amma and little Anshu preferred to luxuriate in one corner of the swimming pole where water was not a risky business to them. The pool people charged 1/2 Rial per candidate, which Urmila mausi initially paid. While we were in the water, the three sisters went somewhere in the near by area where some lemon trees were planted. They plucked green lemons and when I came to know about the “lemon anecdote” on the next day, “Indians will continue as Indians, no matted where they land,Oman, Russia or America” 🙂 , my psche ruminated.  After getting exhausted and a proclamation from the pool manager we exited the deep water.  My mother gave me one Rial note to hand it over to Mausi. I did as instructed. I saw Anand Mausa giving Urmila mausi a payment of 1 Rial, I followed him to do the same. She accepted the bank note from him but did not approved my payment. I increased my insist but she was firm and said, “rak rak Bittu, mummy ko mat batana, tere kaam ayange, keep it on my behalf”. I was overwhelmed into plethora of kindest emotions. And that became an anecdote for me  which I’ll capture for long time 🙂

Day 5:Silver Jubilee Jubilation

June 19, 1987 to June 19 2012, 25 years indeed.  Twenty five Years…..

That was the day when my Parents became One and holds, for which the reason I’m present on this Earth. The below few lines contains some lovely elements which I saw my Parents sharing for nearly about two decades. Hope you’ll enjoy reading….:)

25 Years of  Togetherness,
25 Years of Consistency.
25 years of  love,
25 years of Joy.
25 years of specialness,
25 years of Gala.
25 Years of Completion,
25 years of Integralness
25 years of Remembrance,
25 Years of Admiration
25 years of Gala,
25 years of Amity.
25 years of Inclination,
25 years of Attachment.
25 years of Desire,
25 years of Belief.
25 years of Fondness,
25 years of Involvement
25 years of Interval,
25 years of Time.

I was asleep while my cell phone screamed, “Jai”, my only uncle. I knew why he took the trouble to call from India…I ran to my parents room for two simultaneous adduce . 1. To wish them a very happy and prosperous silver jubilee anniversary and 2. to help my uncle, Jai. I did. On that day, in the morning we did not went out…we egressed Bait Muscat in the evening. When the sun(though we did not see) began its departure, we dressed ourself for the ball, at home first and then at Khyber Restaurant. But as I belong to a family in which every auspicious work is initialized by Blessings of the Creator of universe, a voice announced, “hurry up, we are getting late for the mass”. We made a dash to the church. All my family members went in to pay their offerings, I did not crawl in, and payed my respect from outside the church. After requesting for my wishes to God, I knew I have some time to investigate the surroundings. The top of the church was flat(I was expecting to be a dome like shaped), I noticed. At the cafeteria I asked for a cup of coffee and found it zilch, in consideration with coffee at GMC, but quite interestingly, I enjoyed making a sacrifice of 200 Baisa for the coffee.  The mass reached its end and people started pouring out of the Holy place. And after making a small get together at Mother Mary’s grotto, we came home via collecting Anniversary cake and some other stuff from “Muscat Bakery”. Inside the home, everyone ran hither and thither to make the  arrangements. A Cake, knife, a candle, a casio, a champagne bottle, two sprite bottles, six champagne glasses and six erratic coloured plastic glasses were embellished on the table. Guddu sat on the drum which was placed juxtapose to the table and Tunnu occupied the keyboard. Ashie kept herself engaged in a discussion of a song with Tunnu. Bunty was busy making soup. You must be wondering, at that time where I was, mean, What was i doing? Actually, I am not able to recall where i was sweating my sweat at that time 🙂 I noticed that Urmila mausi was dressed in an outfit which my mother gave just 4 days before. Here, I must praise my mausi for her intelligence and loving stance for her sister (my mother). My parents began the ceremony but cutting the cake and we all joined them. Some sunged.”happy anniversary to you”, Urmila mausi added,”happy chandi anniversary to you”, Guddu and Tunnu were busy playing drum and casio respectively,  Ashie and I,started,”congratulations and celebration, I want to tell the world that i’m happy as can be”. After the cake ceremony and greetings, came the champagne tradition. My father with help from Pratap Mausa opend the Champagne bottle, urmila mausi shouted,”hey, don’t dirty my home” at which all of us bursted into laughter. I opened the apple juice champagne shaped bottle for my cousins. “Cheers, Cheers” all around. Both my Mausi(s) and mausaji(s) showed their respect with a resplendent bouquet which they handed to my parents. I remember, at that time I was recording their respect with my camera. Urmila mausi handed me their handycam and escaped into her room, Pratap Mausa, Guddu and Tunnu joined her. Then they came with an object covered with a green towel. They handed it to my parents but did not remove the towel. Guddu, generating a dilemma, went below the object so that other members think that it is damn heavy. I was still recording the whole act and from the handycam scerne i saw them removing the green layer and there came out a Samsung DVD home theater.
We reached Khyber, one big table with twelve chairs were made  systematized for us and the the steward removed the “reserved tag” from the table. Chicken lollipop and hara bhara kabab as starters, were served. Beer and wine glasses were on the table. I being a vegetarian enjoyed vegetarian food while others ate non-veg. Ice creams with gulabjamuns was served to us as sweet dish. That was the end of that memorable day.

Day 4:Bait Al Zubair,Al Safeer Mall & Scrumptious Coffee @GMC Office.

June 18 2012. Circumventing the pejorative of the previous day we absconded Bait Muscat to reach Bait Al Zubair Museum located near the Ministry of Information on Al Saidiya Street. We sacrificed 2 OMR per person to get in, as a ticket. “No cameras allowed”, a voice proclaimed. It was noting but all about traditional and cultural presentation of Oman. khanjar collection, swords of different kinds, Art collections, coin & metals et al. If you want to gather information about the post Omani culture, tradition and history, this place then indispensable. You’ll get all sort of enlightenment and erudition @ Bait Al Zubair. Later I came to know that is was a private museum and once a house which later turned into a museum. The clock at the museum said, “1300 hours”. It was time for Oman to get motionless, we came home. In the evening, Urmila mausi took me, bunty and Ashie to a mall named, Al Safeer. It was just 1 km. from our home. On the way she left her two sons Guddu and Tunnu to their music class. She absconded us and gave me a 20 OMR bank note. I initially hesitated but later accepted it in order to circumvent any anecdote. It was also a nice two storey mall but zilch in front of carrefour mall. I purchased a champagne resembling bottle of apple juice!!!. We explored all the corners of the mall but I was too forlorn to consummate any verdict of what to buy for my parents who were to jubilate their Silver Jubilee. Time flew without any cognizance and i couldn’t fetch anything fab for that day. But we(me and my brother, Bunty) had already planned a surprise. Urmila mausi phoned me and confirmed that Pratap mausaji with other members of our family will come to Safeer to escort us. Ashie, Bunty and me, as instructed by mausi, assembled at the main exit. Soon we were at GMC office, Pratap mausa’s work place. We all enjoyed the prestige of having scrumptious coffee at his office. What a coffee it was…the aroma is still retained in my saliva 🙂 After coffee, he took us to have a glimpse of some unspoiled new cars. We remained astonished to explore the gargantuan massive dimensions of the cars. At the same office, we also greeted Bahadur uncle, who was also there in Muscat to serve the same company. Then Pratap Mausa took us to some restaurants to make a final choice for the coming next day. I don’t remember the name of all but two still are in my psyche. One was “The kabab factory” and the other which was selected by my parents was “Khyber”. We returned Bait Muscat and made a proclamation, “tomorrow anniversary at Khyber” to Urmila Mausi, Guddu and Tunnu, who were at home.




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