Day6: In Muscat, Oman

In the evening, we went to explore Lulu mall, just 5 minutes in distance from Bait Muscat. There was nothing unique there but one thing which captured my attention was “The Prayer Room”. Don’t get astonished if you see a door with a name plate,”The Prayer Room” anywhere in Oman. Oman is a Muslim eclipse piece of land in the world and in Holy Quran they are said to offer respect to Allah five times a day and that was a sublime indication to  me. “Highly sophisticated people, never take their religion for granted” was my savoir-faire for the Omanis, my mind comment to me, personally. My phone rang, Urmila mausi asked me if I would like to go for swimming with my cousins. I, without giving it a thought said, “Yes”. Making the payments we egressed the mall. Urmila mausi escorted us and we were there in the pool. All the little ones, including me 🙂 luxuriated the blue pool water. Tunnu got a fortune to show his ingenuity, for he is a splendid swimmer. The foursome, including me, Bunty, Guddu and naturally, Tunnu went deep in the water. Guddu guided me in the improvement of my swimming stance. Ashie amma and little Anshu preferred to luxuriate in one corner of the swimming pole where water was not a risky business to them. The pool people charged 1/2 Rial per candidate, which Urmila mausi initially paid. While we were in the water, the three sisters went somewhere in the near by area where some lemon trees were planted. They plucked green lemons and when I came to know about the “lemon anecdote” on the next day, “Indians will continue as Indians, no matted where they land,Oman, Russia or America” 🙂 , my psche ruminated.  After getting exhausted and a proclamation from the pool manager we exited the deep water.  My mother gave me one Rial note to hand it over to Mausi. I did as instructed. I saw Anand Mausa giving Urmila mausi a payment of 1 Rial, I followed him to do the same. She accepted the bank note from him but did not approved my payment. I increased my insist but she was firm and said, “rak rak Bittu, mummy ko mat batana, tere kaam ayange, keep it on my behalf”. I was overwhelmed into plethora of kindest emotions. And that became an anecdote for me  which I’ll capture for long time 🙂

About Harshit Chauhan

I am a person, a dreamer who fly on the wings of dreams but don’t know how to achieve them. I am one of those who can do arduous tasks but at time fail to do the simplest of them. I envisage, concentrating on one particular thing as the dirty end of the stick and sometimes multitude say that i’m a patient of mood disorder . The whole enchilada, from soda to hock humanity say and ruminate that I’m perpetually in a scurry to effectuate something and I too consider them impeccable, for I want to attain stability in my metabolism, which presently is going through nadir, at the lowest ebb. Friends and other acquaintances eulogize me for my zany humor. I’m a avid reader and writer and presently I’m delving into blogging zeal ie. on My other chief passions apart from the above are travelling, eating, ruminating, listening to quality music, watching birds and clouds and being solitude. In short, I want to triumph my divine, limpid and creme de la creme intentions which I’m ensuing from past many gargantuan years and have made big sacrifices too. I pray, to take the Chequered flag and my relinquishments don’t go squander so that after so many damp squibs, I can witness my rest of life in its full glory.

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    take care,

    Harshit Chauhan

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    Thank you Tahani Shihab

  4. thank you for your engulfing words.
    Take Care

    Harshit Chauhan

  5. Big comment it is…
    All I can say is …feels wonderful 🙂

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