Day10:Bait Al Baranda, Muttrak Souk and Riyam Park

Mausin stopped the Yukon in front of  Bait Al Baranda. It was akin to Bait Al Zubair. 1 OMR for adult and 500 Baisa for children were charged from us. It was related to museum and you’ll know about the history, climate, traditions, geology,art, metals, minerals, resources (both renewable and non renewable), tradition of Muscat in relation to Arab territory and world. If you are crazy about the same then both, Bait Al Zubair & Bait Al Baranda are indispensable. After roaming the Baranda we came out and visited Muttrah Souk.

Muttrah Souq is one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world because Muscat is the world’s largest natural harbor and has seen immense trade in the age of sail, being strategically located on the way to India and China. It has been named after darkness because of the crowded stalls and lanes where the sunrays do not infiltrate during the day and the shoppers need lamps to know their destinations. The name of the market has been drawn specifically from the part that extends from Al Lawatiya Mosque to Khour Bimba where the place is really full of stores and stalls and the narrow area of lanes does not allow the sunlight to enter. The market was a source of supply for Omanis where they can buy their needs in the 1960s when life requirements were simpler than today. Most of the goods were imported, in addition to local products like textiles, fruit, vegetables and dates. (Source: Wikipedia)

We were there for the second time and in full swing to shop the resplendent products. “Hold your purse strings”, my mind commented to me, personally 🙂 “Life does not have a guarantee scheme…don’t show your parsimonious stance, you won’t get chance in future to be here….so shop with all your strength” 🙂 We made group and started exploring the oldest market in Arab world. The most notable part of the Souk apart from the products was, Bargaining. “A bit of India in Oman :)”, was my personal comment. So you can learn and save some OMR, if you visit there. I was the first one among my family members to exit the market and I smiled when I saw almost every member coming out with poly bags in their hand. “Come, we’ll take refreshments”, Urmila mausi proclaimed. I was unique there with the eatable item, egg sandwich while other members preferred juice. After having refreshments we reached the last spot of the day, Riyam park.

Riyam park is located opposite to sea and is admirable for its massive dimension. But we visited the park in the noon time and the scorching heat of the sun melted our strengths is seconds and this was the worst verdict we took. So learn the lesson again, always prefer to sojourn Riyam park in morning or in the evening. And I must appreciate the Omanis and their government for the superb maintenance of the park. We were there for a short time and soon egressed in order to circumvent the heat.

I f you see the white dome shape architecture anywhere in Muscat…it is The Riyam Park.

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  3. U r welcome, Joni.
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  8. Hello Harshit!
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  12. You have been to places I have only dreamed about. Muscat looks interesting!

  13. Certainly it is. But you never know when you get a chance .So eagerly wait for that good day, its not far away. 🙂
    Take care

  14. The egg sandwich sounds good… of my favorites…I enjoyed reading this.

  15. Glad to hear this.
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  16. Margaret Sullivan

    I always enjoy to read your blog. The pic is amazing. Riyam park is so beautiful!

  17. wow 🙂

  18. the pic is awesome 🙂

  19. awesome pic of the city 🙂

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