The Bachelor Of Arts- R.K. Narayan

Cover page of the book


Author: R.K Narayan

ISBN No: 9788185986012

No. Of Pages: 166

My Rating: 4/5

The bachelor of arts written by R.K Narayan, is a story which traverse the transmutation of an adolescent psyche into manhood. The novel opens when Chandran is in final year at college pursuing B.A. Maelstrom life, half planned is before him. He maintains a very ecstatic and cinch life with his creators_ younger brother; educators; friends and acquaintances like a typical Indian boy. In the starting pages of the book, the debate of ‘whether historians have to be slaughtered first’ is fantastically presented. Convincingly, progressing into difficult situations which every student faces he gets his graduate degree, B.A (History).

After graduation- whether to continue studies or not, you must go for civil services or what you’ll do next?, these types of question arises in his life. His life takes a sharp turn when he sees the captivating smile and alluring looks of a girl (Malathi) in fleeting green colour saree on the river bank and from that day (i dare not say from that day, its the matter of love :D) i must say, from that particular moment he turns exile from Malgudi (an imaginary town in South India where Chandran dwell), family, friends and from life itself. Unaware of the ramifications, he tries to develop optical communication with her, tries to gather more information about her and constantly ponders about her at home.(If you are in love, you will comprehend it better :D). It was a herculean task for him to inform his parents about his romance. Finally, one day he summon up the determination and explain his father about his future plan of marrying Malathi. They (Chandran’s parents) try to accomplish their son’s wish but due to superstitious belief of horoscope not matching he comes to know that he is a manglik, a condition in which a manglik can only marry a manglik and if not, the non manglik will die.His susceptibilities are badly hurt when the girl’s parents refuses to make him their son -in-law. After the damp squib, he gets completely tarumatic and marriage of Malathi to some other person adds fuel to fire.

He runs to Madras where at the railway station he slips away the ambiguity from his cousin’s eyes who was there to receive him.Frustrated by the traumatic experience he embarks on a journey as a sanyasi where some rural people misunderstand him as a noble sage as he was dressed up like a typical sanyasi in apricot dhoti with a shaven head. He becomes vagabond, from hamlet to hamlet and village to village. He experience the kaleidoscopic stance of life. And after squandering about eight months, thinking about his parents and other positive factors he returns home. His parents were amazed and worried to see their son so transformed. Even after returning, images and memories of Malathi haunts him for a long time.Then he tries to pace up with life and with the sand of time getting thicker day by day gets an edge to it. He starts up with a business of  Newspaper and emerge as a successful entrepreneur. At this particular point of time in the story, Narayan has embellished the story with a wonderful incident between father and son. Afterwards, his father comes to him with a proposal of marrying another girl, Sushila. He initially refuses but later decides to see the girl and when he goes to see the girl he finally fall in love with her.

Promulgated in 1937, the 166 pages novel gives a glimpse of the period of post independence India. I completed it within 5 days, and I must tell you that if you are leafing through the pages of books written by R.K Narayan then get ready to swim in the ocean of vocabulary. I love the book as it takes and informs us about the stunning realities of life and what it takes to erase the memories of the person you loved. Moreover it also tells that love sharpens the wits of a person(especially of boys :D)extraordinarily. I rate it 4/5. The last thing which i would like to share, when I completed the book the very first thought which penetrated in my mind was, “If in three words I were to sum up everything I have learned about life,”IT GOES ON”.

About Harshit Chauhan

I am a person, a dreamer who fly on the wings of dreams but don’t know how to achieve them. I am one of those who can do arduous tasks but at time fail to do the simplest of them. I envisage, concentrating on one particular thing as the dirty end of the stick and sometimes multitude say that i’m a patient of mood disorder . The whole enchilada, from soda to hock humanity say and ruminate that I’m perpetually in a scurry to effectuate something and I too consider them impeccable, for I want to attain stability in my metabolism, which presently is going through nadir, at the lowest ebb. Friends and other acquaintances eulogize me for my zany humor. I’m a avid reader and writer and presently I’m delving into blogging zeal ie. on My other chief passions apart from the above are travelling, eating, ruminating, listening to quality music, watching birds and clouds and being solitude. In short, I want to triumph my divine, limpid and creme de la creme intentions which I’m ensuing from past many gargantuan years and have made big sacrifices too. I pray, to take the Chequered flag and my relinquishments don’t go squander so that after so many damp squibs, I can witness my rest of life in its full glory.

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  1. wow…good one !!

  2. I read the book long ago…your review made me fell the why u felt.
    love the review…well written.
    how u read his book swami and friends?
    Do reply.

  3. Harshit, I am happy I can finally take a few minutes to catch up with your website; WOW, you have assembled an impressive amount of posts and views here! thanks so much for this wonderful review of Narayan’s story; now this book is definitely on my reading list. I love what you said about “swimming in the sea of vocabulary!” So happy to be in touch with one who holds reading and writing in high esteem!

  4. I am truly delighted, Julia that u visited my site.
    It is always a fantastic feeling to see ur comment here.
    And as far as the book re capitulation is concerned…I recommend it highly.
    Take care, Julia.
    Will catch u on Facebook for updates from Virginia 🙂

  5. Thank you Ritika for ur comment.
    The answer to ur question is, Yes 🙂
    If u wish I can put the recapitulation of the same on mu site next month.
    Take care

  6. Ruchika Katyal

    Just loved reading it. 8 read the book 10 yeaes ago and yes ur reviwe has compelled me to read it once again after such a long time.

  7. Wow..I have heard abt. Narayan’s work.
    Will read this one.
    Thank you, Man

  8. The bachekor of arts is one of my fav. books.
    I loved reading abt. the same book.

  9. meenakshi Sharma

    Loved reading the review. Will get the book today only.

  10. Your review has forced me to read the same book!!
    well written.

  11. My fav. book of all times !

  12. The bachelor of arts is a superb work of R.K. Narayan. My father gifted it to my brother when he too was going through the same condition as of Chandran, the protagonist in the story.
    This book is very close to my heart.
    Your review made me remember things which happened 20 years back!!
    I wish I could thank you by meeting you in person.
    The why you wrote it, is just brilliant.
    Could you please write the review of another Narayan’s book, Swami and friends.
    I shall be thankful to you.

  13. After reading this…in my wish list.
    thank you

  14. I am happy that I am making u read!!!

  15. @meera: I appreciate your visit here and Thanx for your comment here…it really means a lot to my site. I am happy as I wrote which touched ur heart. And yes…swami and friends book re capitulation I’ll post it on 1 feb..
    I ‘ll expect u there.
    Till then…tc bye.

  16. I am happy that I am making u read something worth.

  17. Charles:good to hear that.

  18. @mickky: you must read it and experience the in depth stance of literature.

  19. Ruchika:happy for you that u still love the book.

  20. Amazing one, brother.
    Loved reading it.

  21. I have been meaning to read Narayan. Thanks for the review – I think I’ll start with this book.

  22. Happy to see you here….certainly u can make the inception with this book.

  23. Naranyan’s books are treasures

  24. Harshit,
    I visited your site after a long time and can see that you are a voracious reader and writer…
    Im proud of you. You will make it to the Pulitzer one day…
    Well Done!! you have a gift…keep honing your skills!!!
    However, I would like you to use simpler words when you narrate a story for the commoners… But it is nothing less than a shakespeare for me.
    Good luck!

  25. Euphoric on zenith!
    I am really animated to see you here.
    Thank you for your visit and comment but as far as making it to the elevated Pulitzer is concerned, it seems to be a BIGGGGG compliment which even I consider as impossible !
    But yes galvanization is always possible. Anyway, Thank you, Once again.

    Take Care,
    Harshit Chauhan

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